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The act of fucking the living shit out of something or someone, preferably a female.
Damn dude, I fuckin' railed that ho all night.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2002. december 28.
To fuck in a rough, hard manner.
I railed that bitch so hard, when I shot it, it fuckin' came out her nose.
Beküldő: Doug O. 2002. december 28.
Fucking a person within an inch of her life. Or just as hard.
I wanna rail the fuck out of jackie rust.
Beküldő: like I'm gonna tell you. seriously 2004. november 6.
To have wild wild sex. Usually pinning someone up to a wall and given'r. Suggesting a women is on the rails of a train track and you keep pulling her into the station.
"Just fuckin railed her"
Beküldő: Poopybumm 2008. február 25.
To have snorted something.
Dude, that shit we railed last night was good!
Beküldő: Mr. X 2005. február 20.
To slam, or "bang" the sexual organ out of the opposite sex.
Jake railed Christina every Thanksgiving.
Beküldő: JGreeneeee 2006. április 25.
When you "rail" something that usually means that you cut up something, like a pill, into a fine powder and then you snort it.
Fuck man, I can't beleive you railed a quadstack in one go!
Beküldő: NorCal potsmoker 2009. március 18.
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