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A larger gathering usually of highschool or college students where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed
Rager at Cozz's bring the brew
Beküldő: Greatness 2004. október 30.
a party where everyone there calls everyone they know to come rage the house. eventually theres like 500 people, the house gets trashed, and the cops come.
ex. mikes having a rager this weekend.
Beküldő: EssTeeEye 2005. március 5.
An extremely powerful erection
I woke up this morning with a rager
Beküldő: Random Hero 2005. március 13.
A large gathering of fratdaddies and sorostitutes where massive amounts of fratwater are consumed.
After last night's rager, we walked back to the Adolphus and Clifford started a non-stop vomit extravaganza.
Beküldő: Ragerman 2009. október 20.
Notorious in college but high school can have major ones as well. Its not just a party but a massive party that usually consists of crazy shit happening. Keggers are a must. The party is so full that you can barely move around.
Yo man there is a rager pool party happening tonight at TA's
Beküldő: Easy_EC 2010. július 4.
Kid Cudi.
Person 1: I heard Mr. Rager is on his way to heaven!
Person 2: Sweet sassy mollassy!
Beküldő: nigopolous 2010. november 4.
an epic adventure; involving a combination of fire, mayhem, sex or disorderly conduct. usually ran on little sleep and fueled by drugs & alcohol.
5-day rager in Morgantown this weekend, you in?
Beküldő: IOWA JOHN 2010. február 11.