a cigarette
Can I bum a rad?
Beküldő: randomstoner 2003. május 15.
To be sexually aroused by the same gender.
'Rad, man!' Meaning in essence, 'I want to dip my schlong in your arse dude.'
Beküldő: Ubermensch 2005. április 10.
Bea Stride
Her name is literally Beast Ride. She's rad.
Beküldő: IswearImcool 2015. április 16.
Ratchet and dirty. Those ratchet girls who are just nast as fuck
Damn,that girl that sits next to me is r.a.d. as fuck
Beküldő: JoieG 2015. január 28.
Roll a doobie
R.A.D. Up. (Roll A Doobie)
Beküldő: chioboo 2014. december 31.
something that is cool or awesome some times used as radical
wow that's rad OR that's totally radical (rad)
Beküldő: h.m.l.cx 2014. december 20.
Several definitions given here are correct in connecting the term to radical but incorrect in the date of origin. Being old enough, I can attest that it was used at least as far back as the seventies.
"The Ninja Turtles never invented a single term. To suggest so is not rad but very uncool."
Beküldő: sammmyz 2014. december 1.

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