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the ugliest u can get the rachetest of them all.
Bjays girl is rachet
Beküldő: gtown g 2009. január 14.
a big ass
not that pancake shit
damn rita got a rachet ;)
Beküldő: arggggggggg 2006. január 7.
Another name for a hand gun.

Made famous by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan. Just another name for gun, gat, heat, heater etc
"Keep your rachet on your waist"
Beküldő: Dizzy 2004. november 28.
Another word for a gun
Ima bout to go get the rachet son
Beküldő: Lacole 2007. május 2.
a girl who looks attractive or hot. a dime piece
man these females be rachet
Beküldő: a ray 2008. január 24.
loud or out of line....may be used as crazy.
1.Son people these days stay gettin rachet.

2. Yo Mr.bucca be gettin real rachet....

3. is this girl gettin rachet with me...i kno she not suck on stupid....
Beküldő: lilmz718 2007. november 14.
A person who is fly and has everything good. When you see them, they always look fly and have everything together. Shoes=clean Clothes=fresh Hair=banging.
SYM:Gutta, Fresh 2 def, Spivoe, Clean, legit
ANT: Chapped, cut throat, spit
Danielle: Damn, Bow Wow sho do look rachet.
Thelma: That nigga sho do. He gutta.
Beküldő: Tha #1 Gutta Gansta 2005. december 27.