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Someone who possess the qualities of being bitchy, annoying, stupid, and/or little fags who are ungrateful to live in the first world. Usually emos, homosexuals, feminists, stupid whores, and Jehovah's Witnesses
Can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective

noun ie: Qweps

verb ie: Qwepping
adjective ie: Qweppy
Ugh! Those qweppers are at it again!
Well, looks like those Jehovah's Witnesses are qwepping in our neighborhood!
God damn it Alyson! Stop qwepping, if you keep cutting the knife will get aids.
Beküldő: The Pussy Terminators 2015. március 27.
A very fine looking women.
Yo, shes Qweps, ayt
Beküldő: Puttytang 2004. február 16.
The prepolsion of of air from a males penis
qwep me m8
Beküldő: MAma pepe 2016. július 17.
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