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Melted cheese between two tortillas. Other stuffings are optional, such as chicken. Can also be made by simply folding one tortilla in half.
Man, I took a gravity hit, then ate a huge quesadilla.
Beküldő: Rusty Shakelford 2004. december 23.
A dancing bear who lives in the Coilfang realm.
"Did you see how badly Quesadilla outhealed Superstar?"
Beküldő: Zomg H4x 2007. június 11.
the absolute most delicious food in the world
hey i love quesadillas
Beküldő: yogabbagabba 2008. július 16.
It's what gringos call that yummy mexican treat with melted cheese in a torilla.

Also see "Dilla"
Napoleon, just make yourself a dang quesadilla!

Beküldő: Casey Young 2008. június 26.
Something you want to make when you're low on steak and there's nothing else around ot eat.
"Make yourself a dang quesadilla" - Napoleon Dynamite grandma
Beküldő: blargh 2005. február 3.
spanish for "What's the deal?"
Yo homes, quesadilla?
Beküldő: 8(l) 2008. július 13.
I code word used for weed.
"Let's go smoke some quesadilla!"
Beküldő: slothman81690 2008. március 13.

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