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A short word commonly used in Scrabble to piss of another person. More often than not, it plays off of an I that lays next to a triple letter score, scoring an obsurd amount of points for such a small amount of effort.
Doug: "Bam, 'Qi' for 31 points..count it up."

Frank: " cheap bastard."
Beküldő: Honden 2010. március 24.
vital energy circling the body
the qi of this man is powerful
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 9.
Abr. Quite Intresting.
also a show on bbc2 presented by stephen fry
"did you watch tht show Qi?"
Beküldő: DeaStewart 2005. november 6.
Chinese life energy. The stuff that makes white guys dig asian pussy
Damn. that girl has qi!
Beküldő: imakeyourwordsnow 2010. december 30.
An ancient magical Chinese superpower force used as a plot device in kung-fu movies when the writers are having a slow day.
And then the kung-fu master is surrounded by a billion bajillion Commie-Nazis with machine guns, but then he uses his Qi and all their heads blow up.
Beküldő: Alien Blender 2008. május 20.
A popular two letter word the commonly instills violence, cursing, looting, and riots. Additionally use may cause projectile vomiting and hives
32 points for Qi. Why don't you just go Qi yourself. Qi'ng shenanigans.
Beküldő: isawjeff 2010. június 9.
A treachorous fake person who will take anything of value, then leave.
Don't be a Qi once you receive that donation.
Beküldő: Snipeye 2008. december 16.
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