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A shorter version of probably
Mckayla: Are you goin to the movies tomorrow night?
Emily: Probs.
Beküldő: Emily Locke 2007. február 14.
Short form for Probably. While saying it, you nod your head yes.
Dude #1: Are you goin out tonight?
Dude #2: Prob. (nodding yes)
Beküldő: JulyButterfly 2004. november 20.
short for problems.
- "Can I come along?"
- "No probs"
Beküldő: Japfreak 2004. január 7.
abbreviation for probably.
Guy: "Hey are we gonna have sex soon?"
Girl: "probs"
Beküldő: SteezyStef 2012. március 8.
the word prob is a short word for the word problem,
guy1: hey dude... thanks allot,
guy2: no prob
Beküldő: Dragonathan 2011. november 29.
Short for probably, usually used in a sarcastic mannor to be indirect about the point you're actually trying to make.
Nathan: Are you going to english?
Max: Cuz i probs am going to english!
Nathan: So you are?
Max: Probs am though arn't I!
Nathan: Right...
Beküldő: lmaoprobs 2010. január 15.
shorthand version on probably
person 1: are you going home tonight? person 2: probs!
Beküldő: skatman 2003. május 25.