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A Pimp ass neighborhood in North Dallas where everyone that's cool lives.
Foo #1:Sup, nig? I live in Preston Hollow.
Foo #2:Ah sheeeeet live in Preston Hollow? You must be da shit!
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Beküldő: Stuart Spencer Smith 2006. március 25.
One of the most affluent areas in Texas known for large, wooded lots, privacy, and the largest concentration of wealth in Dallas.

Preston Hollow residents include George W. Bush, Mark Cuban (Mavs owner), Tom Hicks (Stars and Rangers owner), Ross Perot, T. Boone Pickens, Lee Raymond (former Exxon CEO), Wade Phillips (Cowboys coach), Roger Staubach, and several of Dallas' most successful lawyers, doctors, businessmen and their families.

The largely white, well-off residents send their children to nearby exclusive private schools or to boarding schools in the northeast. It's not uncommon to see blond girls in Hockaday's plaid skirts, or boys in the khakis and oxfords characteristic of St. Mark's. Many of them will attend SMU, Vanderbilt, Texas, or east-coast colleges.

Until 2000, neighborhood rules stated that property "would only be occupied by white persons...except domestic servants,” though this was never legally enforceable. Along with Highland Park to the south, Preston Hollow is amongst the safest, WASP-iest, and most conveniently located areas in Dallas. Via the luxury-SUV-filled main thoroughfare of Preston Road, Preston Hollow is a quick drive to downtown, upscale shopping, and a wide-range of restaurants.
H-Town has River Oaks, Big-D has Preston Hollow.
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Beküldő: scottym2007 2010. május 1.
Welcome to Preston Hollow, a part of Dallas, TX where labeled, "rich kids", live. Yes, Preston Hollow does have it's rich and famous (take for example, former President George Bush), but most people living there are fairly normal. PH is very close to the 'parks' (or University Park and Highland Park), and many kids living there go to school at various private schools there, some of which being Hockaday and st. marks. Kids living in Preston Hollow can be unfairly labeled as rich snobs who live on Starbucks and haute couture, but for the most part they are relativity normal. Girls from Preston Hollow dress mostly casual, but do enjoy luxuries such as driving SUV's and texting on their brand new iPhones. Guys from PH normally play lacrosse, soccer, or football and are extremely athletic. Their parents are normally wealthy doctors, lawyers, or business owners who have worked hard for their money and will probably be sending their kids to Ivy League schools in the future.
"See that pretty blonde girl in the green and white plaid skirt and the tall, brunnette guy in the gray khakis walking out of that restaurant?"
"Yeah, they must live in Preston Hollow"
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Beküldő: cheergirlyy71 2011. október 3.
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