1) a poop fart combonation
2) a stupid person
3) something fun to say whille ur stoned
1) yo i jsut did a big poot
2) your beeing a poot face 100
3) poot magoot
Beküldő: scoots 2004. november 7.
An animal fart!
My dog ate bacon so he pooted a lot this morning.
Beküldő: Stacy 2004. március 17.
A person who's uptight, no fun. A party pooper. A stuffed-shirt, a fuddy-duddy. Synonymous with "old fart".
"Don't be such a poot!"
Beküldő: Walt 2004. január 30.
1) a light and airy fart
2) a co-worker named Michelle
Have you smelled Shelly's poot?
Beküldő: Cindy 2003. november 3.
another word for poop,meaning digested food coming out of your butt
poot on you
Beküldő: grundle monster 2003. szeptember 24.
a girl's pussy; derogatory word refering to females.
Jarod this campus is full of poot.

You are a poot stain.
Beküldő: Mikey Peck 2003. szeptember 15.
a particular squeaky type of fart often resulting in a mild smell.
that fart was a poot!
Beküldő: Jesus 2003. július 24.
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