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a source from which to score drugs, principally marijuana
yo, lemmie get the number of your plug man...
Beküldő: boom boom b 2004. július 14.
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Adjective. A word used to describe someone who is completly and entirly useless.
Holy Shit Peebles you fucking Plug!
Beküldő: BMOUNZ 2005. május 2.
A plug is a contact from another country who ships and grows drugs.
I need to meet my Plug from Colombia at the docks.
#coke #weed #trap #drugs #dealer #chicken #bird #kilo
Beküldő: Sean Mul 2009. április 16.
the jewelry worn in stretched piercings. not called gauges. gauges are what the sizes are called. calling it a gauge would be like somebody asking you what you bought, and instead of saying a tshirt you said "A medium".
The kids plugs are 00 gauge.
Beküldő: bob 2003. november 13.
something much bigger than a drug connect ... most likely a cartel that supplies and distributes intense large amounts of drugs to a vast area .. usually its cocaine, heroin or meth .... a plug meaning they supply the "connects" with large quantity of drugs and the connects distributes to dealers and soo forth
plug = connection = supply = energy
#connect #cartel #dealer #meth #coke
Beküldő: timtebow88 2012. január 4.
a word-of-mouth endorsement usually from a celebrity on TV
shameless plug
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 29.
A word that refers to an ice hockey player who is the useless part of the team. He is the "orange cone" on the ice. Always in your way and never does anything to help your team win.
Brian never helps the team, he's such a plug.
#duster #bender #plugg #gongshow #shitshow
Beküldő: Sniper9 2009. szeptember 7.
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