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To alter a picture using Adobe's Photoshop program. Usualy to make the picture comical.
I took a picture of Becky and photochoped her standing next to a porn star
Beküldő: J So 2003. november 10.
pho·to·chop \ˈfō-(ˌ)tō-ˌˈchäp\
transitive verb

to alter a digital image with Microsoft Paint or other image-editing software in a hasty and deliberately obvious distortion of reality, as opposed to "photoshop" or "photoshopping an image"
I photochopped a creepy mustache onto a copy of your profile picture.
#photo chop #photoshop #photoshopping #photoshoppin #photo shop #photo shopping #superimpose #manipulate
Beküldő: sleepyy 2013. szeptember 6.
Altering a photo so much that it is impossible to distinguish from the original.
He photo chopped the picture we all took so I couldn't even tell who was who.
#photoshop #photochop #photo doctoring #photo editing #photo altering
Beküldő: ANT441 2010. október 22.
When someone uses Photoshop to cut an ugly person out of a picture.
"That's such a great picture, you should photochop kelly out and keep it."
#photoshop #editing #facebook #picture #photo
Beküldő: S.S. Sancho 2009. július 20.
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