Are fun to play with.
"I like to play with penises."
Beküldő: Fuck Ass Finnemore 2003. december 12.
Zakainen's feeble attempt at communicating with humans.
Zakainen@#aochat: Zakainen says, 'Penise.'
Beküldő: Renko 2004. június 18.
Long, Soft, Hard edible substance, also great for the hard to reach areas.
I had a great taste of that Penise, then i used it to scratch my Clit.
Beküldő: Jason Something 2003. június 15.
a sucker for girls cums in diffrent flavers
Beküldő: .... 2003. szeptember 25.
Posh for knob.

The above is an obscure reference to Harry Enfield or something.
"Penise?" "It's posh for knob."
Beküldő: super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ 2003. szeptember 22.
Can be used to describe something that is either really good or really bad.
We went on a road trip last weekend; it was penises man!

I hate work. It's PENISES!
Beküldő: D-lo 2003. június 6.
A French penis
The French Guy a un petit penise
Beküldő: WungHungHigh 2009. március 4.

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