hair in spanish.

Proper word. Pelo.

In proper or slang is: greña
Esos son tus Greñas.

Eso es tu pelo. this is proper use.
Beküldő: XMommax 2011. szeptember 19.
A Spanish word used as hair
I'm gonna get my pelo-cut vs I'm gonna get my hair-cut
Beküldő: Valentine Moret 2010. június 20.
Slang term for a crystal meth pipe. An oil burner is a Pelo.
Ya, we all hit the PELO and got high as hell
Beküldő: Dizzle113 2008. február 8.
Pronounced pee-low. A nickname for a man named Peter or can also be used as an abbreviation for a pillow biter.
"Hi how are you today Pelo"
Beküldő: Pjpotamus 2008. szeptember 8.
The act of expelling coffee, when provoked by laughter, out of one's nose or mouth. Much like a snarf, but specifically limited to coffee.
When The Bee and I were out for coffee, I told him a joke and he Peloed all over the table.
Beküldő: Eyemarten 2004. szeptember 29.
The ability to name pointless trivia and score lots of chicks while doing it.
That Pelo is hogging all the honeys, it's like he's working a backwards Claven.
Beküldő: The Bee 2004. szeptember 29.
When a gay man gets his ass kicked.
He was Peloed by 2 black guys.
Beküldő: Bobmatic3854 2003. augusztus 25.

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