admirers, or a group of admirers of a certain person
Everywhere I go my peeps are hounding me for my number.
Beküldő: Shavahn 2003. szeptember 11.
people. In the 80's this meant parents.
My peeps went away...lets party at my house.
Beküldő: rich 2003. július 24.
To observe something, someone, or an event.
Yo, peeps that 'lac rollin on 22's!
Beküldő: scantee 2005. március 31.
Another was to say you have to go to the bathroom. Short for pee-pee.
"Hold on a minute, I have ta go peeps."
Beküldő: Cindy Sullivan 2005. szeptember 18.
the peeple you deal with or ( smiling) the peeps with whom you have a dealio... or not. you might not have a dealio with your "peeps."
what's the dealio with your peeps?
Beküldő: bittersweet symphony 2003. szeptember 26.
To observe something.
Yo playa, lemme peeps that.
Beküldő: will 2005. március 30.
two people on the same soccer team that are very close friends
those 2 r really close they are also peeps
Beküldő: nate kutok 2003. június 11.

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