Code word for girlfriends to let one know that they have a booger in their nose without alerting others.
Pssstt . . . Stacy . . . pearl.
Beküldő: C.JO 2004. június 2.

to leave ..... sometimes its a way to stylishly say "im bout to leave" ......

or u could be salt and say "im bout to pearl"
.... like "im bout to pearl"

"aight yaw, im bout to pearl"
Beküldő: Jamez Da Alion Funk Brain 2005. december 13.
now this is something that everyone should know! a girl's best friend, duh!
Jamie was so happy because Don got her pearls for her birthday.
Beküldő: The Bombdiggietest 2007. február 8.
A white woman who likes black men.
John she won't date you, she's a pearl.
Beküldő: Cubanoso 2016. augusztus 20.
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