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A girl who cannot be described simply. She is beautiful and seems innocent, and always brings a smile to peoples faces. She makes people laugh and is very trustworthy, loyal and reliable. She is super fun and afectionate, but can get hurt easily because she cares a lot, and can be very fragile. She can also be very sexy, but only allows people to see it when they earn her trust.
She is almost a Pearl!
Beküldő: meg5man458 2013. június 7.
36 16
Short for "Pearls of Wisdom"
Pay attention, I'm giving you "Pearls" here.
Beküldő: TimSJ 2007. május 14.
68 48
describes only the best rolled blunts. You know wen you're looking at a pearled L when thats the best way you know how to describe it. A pearl L burns slow, doesn't run, doesn't go out, and gets you h as a bird.
- yo if i let you roll this blunt it better be as nice as it was last time

-- yo dont worry mah nigga you know i pearl blunts erryday.
Beküldő: fuxwitit 2009. március 23.
127 110
To roll a blunt extremely well and tight, and sometimes used to denote the twist of the tobacco when rolling.
Props on that pearled blunt.
Beküldő: Connor! 2006. február 26.
140 134
something great, beautiful, fantastic.
Girl, you're lookin' pearl today.
Beküldő: The most pearl person ever 2009. január 27.
92 89
A very nice and pretty girl with blue eyes. She is hilarious and brings smiles to everyone.
Oh my god, she is such a Pearl!
Beküldő: dolphinluver333 2013. április 28.
9 7
Possibly the fanciest thing any young female, or even an older female, could ever wear. Very classy. EVERYONE knows pearls are fancy.
"OMG did you see Lucy today?" -kid 1
"I did! she was wearing pearls! Sooo fetch." -kid 2
"I know! I wish I could be as fancy as her." -kid 1
"She's just so...classy!" -kid 2
Beküldő: KayThePearlGal 2011. február 10.
26 24