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A color so bright its not a color it becomes a way of life
This is so pastel its not even a color
Beküldő: Megan Spooner 2003. július 14.
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when something is so amazing you have to use a more colorful word to describe it.
did you see that dance move? it was so pastel.
Beküldő: jonny t-shirt 2009. április 26.
Slang for Asleep or passed out
Dude look at your dog that run made him so tired hes Pastel as fuck
Beküldő: Mcgruff the dog 2010. január 18.
lacrosse stick
"go some spoons(lax sticks) in my closet....gotta get rid of some of those pastels"
Beküldő: Brantford 2009. május 21.
1. Art supplies look like chalks, except you don't use it on blackboards.
2. Best video game babe ever. She is from the game TwinBee.
1. We take this pastel, and color your drawing with it.
2. Pastel is the hottest video game babe ever.
Beküldő: ChoujinkiMetalder 2005. június 17.
I love going to math class, my teachers got nice pastels.
Beküldő: Brick Riggid 2009. november 8.

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