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A great harcore band with some of my favoirt songs such as Getting Away With Murder, Infest, Last Resort and Blood Brothers. It's good stuff.

Mixes very well with Linkin Park
Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort....
Beküldő: phant0m 2005. augusztus 12.
A heavy rock/metal band that are quite frankly one of the best. They have songs about everything, not just cutting wrists and gouging out peoples eyes. Hell, I haven't met anyone that doesnt like Scars, and the Acoustic version just kicks ass. Oh...and they never perform in or around DC :(
Girl: I love Papa Roach!
Boy: \\m///,(>'<),\\m// ROCK ON!
Beküldő: Welshkorn 2005. augusztus 5.
the best damn band ever!!!!
Fuck what everyone else says about papa roach. They are the best fucking band ever in my opinion.
Beküldő: Jin Kazama 2005. március 28.
Hardcore emotional rock band
Broken home,she loves me not etc.....
Beküldő: Butt 2003. augusztus 31.
The best band ever!! Their roots come straight back to Vacaville,CA...707!!!
Rap, metal, and screamo had a threesome. Metal conceived the child and named him Jacoby Shaddix (lead singer in pApA rOACh)
Beküldő: Phil Jacklin 2007. március 2.
Truly, one of the best bands in existence.
Papa Roach is awesome. Admit it.
Beküldő: Dylan (Did you doubt it?) 2004. szeptember 1.
Coby, David, Tobin and Jerry
Papa Roach rule their the best ever
Beküldő: Shibby 2003. szeptember 20.
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