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v. (to oppong) - Most commonly used in a emphatic tone, often as a derogatory reference to the sexual act of massaging one's penis between another's breasts, in many cases by a repressed minority.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch, before I Oppong you."
Beküldő: Pulsating Boner 2003. július 10.
20 7
v. (to oppong) Only done by extreme whores. To let a man titty-fuck you the first night you meet him.
"So Alyn, are we gonna Oppong tonight?"
Beküldő: other woot 2003. július 10.
8 12
TF ( u know wat it means :) )
" I opponged that girl hard last night "
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. július 8.
5 13
A sexual act that should not be discussed around young children for its denotation could easily give them nightmares.
"Ryan and Andrew, Eve and Alyn will NOT OPPONG with you...tonite"
Beküldő: NOOBIES 2003. július 12.
1 13