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Orange Juice
Yo Yo! pass me a OJ G!
Beküldő: Arya F 2003. április 3.
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1. To violently slash with a knife or other sharp instrument. (In particular, to slash a person's neck from ear to ear with a knife to the extent that they are almost decapitated.)

2. To kill.
It's a shame that OJ decided to OJ those two people.
Beküldő: jfk 2004. július 16.
Getting away with something big.
Oh man, you OJ'd that exam!
Beküldő: Derm 2003. november 28.
A little known word meaning a crazy nymphomaniac from scotland
Ohhhh she is such an OJ
Beküldő: wee pixi chick 2006. július 3.
We all know he did it.
O.J. Simpson. We know you really killed your wife. None of that 'glove can't fit' bullshit.
Beküldő: rock fan. 2003. február 18.
An abbreviation for ostrich juice used by Uberhaxornova.
Person 1: "Hey, what are you drinking?"
Person 2: "Just some OJ."
Person 1: "Ah, ostrich juice."
Person 2: "What..."
Beküldő: SavLynn 2011. november 7.
Almost every 15 year old boys dream, Receiving a blowjob while drinking minute-made orange juice from the box.

A OJ can only be accomplished using minute-made any other juice and or juice combinations the OJ will be ruined/slandered.
She let me drink OJ with the BJ.
Total OJ,
Beküldő: SirWhatshisname 2012. január 19.

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