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Nymphadora (tonks) Nymphadora translates as "Gift of the Nymphs." A "nymph," in Greek mythology, refers to "a member of group of female 'spirits' found in different types of nature." They are further classified by where they were found. They also had the ability to change shapes, a very clear connection to Tonks' own ability to shape-shift. In Latin, "nympha" translates to "a bride" and "Nymphae" to "the Nymphs."

Nymphadora is a young witch in the Harry Potter series. she is a Metamorphus and an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. She is known for being extreamly clumsy and usually cheerfull as well for sporting bubblegum pink hair. Her mother, Andromeda, is one of the three black sisters, though unlike her sisters, was never involved in the dark arts. Her father is a Muggle (Non-magic folk) by the name of Ted Tonks. Nymphadora hates her name and goes by Tonks, correcting people when they refer to her otherwise. Although too young to fight in the Order of the Phoenix in the first war against Voldemort, she joined them in the second war alongside her cousin, Sirius Black and his best friend Remus Lupin.

After Sirius dies in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Tonks goes into a depression that lasts throughout the next book. Widely thought to be about her cousins death was actually because Remus Lupin, a slightly older, lycanthrope ex professor of hogwarts, kept on rejecting her, although he had feelings for her, sighting he was too old, poor and dangerous for her. However, by the end of Half Blood Prince they can be seen holding hands
Remus Lupin: "And this is Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only."
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Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by surname only, is a Metamorphmagus as well as a half-blood witch. She can usually be seen sporting Bubble Gum pink hair and punk-ish clothing.

She is introduced as an Auror in the Order of the Phoenix, as the society's newest member. Tonks partakes in several crucial events that eventually lead to Voldemort's fall. After going emo for a year, it is revealed that she has fallen for the older Remus Lupin. He rejects her, on multiple occasions (for noble reasons), but the two are later married and have a son together. Tonks dies in the final battle, alongside Remus.

Tonks can be described as clumsy, fun-loving, sweet, inquisitive, bright, intelligent, impulsive and compassionate. She does what she knows is right, and never hesitates when the stakes are high.

Although the movies overlook her, Tonks is one of the best characters in the entire series.
Nymphadora Tonks' notable family members are as follows: Andromeda Black (Mother), Ted Tonks (Father), Remus Lupin (Husband), Ted Lupin (Son), Bellatrix Lestrange (Murderer and Aunt), Sirius Black (Second Cousin) and the Malfoys (Uncle, Aunt and Cousin).
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A sexy, bubblegum headed beast. Not only is she a metamorphagus... she's also great in alleyways.
Oh, Nymphadora Tonks! You're rapidly changing hair makes great for sexytime!
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