the male reproductive organs.
nuts (testies) where the jizz and sperm are kept
nuts stay outside when the WONG goes in!
vulnerable to itch
my nuts are very itchy.
Beküldő: dabomberall1 2011. december 29.
Meaning "crazy", in the "really good!" sense.
When someone does something insanely good.
*Person A clutches the round (wins).
Person B: Duuude your nuts!!!
Beküldő: YeaEverythingIsOkay! 2015. március 29.
A fruit composed of a hard shell and seed.

Not ejaculation you fucking morons.
"A wild almond is a nut which contains trace amounts of cyanide."
Beküldő: AdvancingTECH 2015. február 22.
The human head (used in the UK)
On my nut son (when playing soccer)
Beküldő: Rich Lawson 2005. május 22.
a dudes balls
my nuts hurt
Beküldő: bellycon 2014. július 18.
i like eating nut
Beküldő: dale earnfart 2014. február 20.
Male ejaculating into a female.
She's pregnant so he can nut in her all day without a worry.
Beküldő: thecleaner1984 2012. július 1.

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