scottish slang
aah! i just banged my nut off the doorframe!
Beküldő: danni 2003. december 18.
Word for ejaculation, as used by DJ Assault in the song 'Nut in your eye'
From the song: Hoe don't cry if I nut in your eye...

Poor Gem, John nutted in her eye last night
Beküldő: aps2008 2008. március 19.
Meaning "crazy", in the "really good!" sense.
When someone does something insanely good.
*Person A clutches the round (wins).
Person B: Duuude your nuts!!!
Beküldő: YeaEverythingIsOkay! 2015. március 29.
another word to use instead of Shucks
Oh, Nuts, golly gee, I missed the toilet.
Beküldő: nuts 2002. december 6.
The act of being beaten in a competition so badly that it feels as if one has been viciously raped and dominated sexually.
Wow, I got beat 20-0. I got nutted.
Beküldő: DANIELRYANLOL 2011. január 5.
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