1. An absence of anything/something.
2. A reply used when a person doesn't feel like explaining themselves.
3. When something is wrong but a person doesn't want to admit it, often used in conjunction with words such as okay and fine
In the black there was nothing.

Person one: What're you doing?
Person two: Nothing (as they continue to do something)

Nothing is wrong, I'm fine.
Beküldő: larry says hi 2005. október 14.
this \/
nothing here

really nothing
Beküldő: McTreevil 2015. január 7.
Something non-existant.

The oppostite of something.
Nothing is inbetween the arrows > <.
Beküldő: _____nothing__________________ 2009. június 16.
What Atheists believe is the cause of the universe
'What is the cause of the Big Bang?'
'Ah, so the same thing I had for lunch today'
Beküldő: NorwegianNorwayLover 2014. augusztus 16.
No thing, according to Wikipedia
Jeff: What is this? *points at thin air*
Brian: Nothing.
Beküldő: TheBrony27 2013. június 15.
when you get intimate with a significant other in the backseat of a car
(phone) "Hey son, what are you doing?"
"Oh uh...nothing."
"Oh, okay."
Beküldő: yhjuik 2010. február 3.
Beküldő: exekyutiv 2015. február 19.
The answer people give to others after they have asked what they were saying when they weren't even paying attention
" What?" (cricket cricket) " Nothing. . . "
Beküldő: LovethisAJ 2015. február 10.

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