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12:00 P.M. 12:00 A.M. is midnight. 'Noon', unlike 'midnight', is a palindrome.
I'm usually in school at noon.
Beküldő: Diggity Monkeez 2005. január 12.
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A great time for lunch.
It's noon, let's go eat!
Beküldő: Rubbertoe 2005. május 27.
basically the same as 4:20. originated in Richwoods, MO to mean a time to smoke some dank. a good code to use for calling up your order on the phone

damn it's been a long day... I hope I can get some noon..
man, I'm so nooned right now..
Beküldő: almostaskater 2009. június 21.
(n) meaning someone who is too gay to function. Abnormal in everyway apart from penis size.
That kid is a noons
Beküldő: Steven_the_namer 2008. szeptember 15.
when a socially acceptable time for a person to drink alcohol
"Should you be drinking at 10 am?"
"Its noon somewhere"
Beküldő: LaLa 2004. december 11.
Best time for a gun fight in Philly

Must be a gangsta to understand
They gonna fight at noon.
Beküldő: nut case 2004. április 16.
Boobs, breasts, fun pillows
Would you rather have huge noons, or be fat with no noons?
Beküldő: mikrs 2010. október 19.

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