At university, a slack-jawed person who does not contribute in any way despite having paid thousands of dollars to attend the class.

Also, one who attends class only to aquire a degree, without any desire to improve themself personally.
I used to be keen, but by forth year I was a noodle, grab the degree and get the frack out.
Beküldő: Christoper M Norton 2007. március 4.
a girl who's sexual orientation is straight until you get her wet.
that girl swears that she's straight, but any one of her girlfriends can tell you that she's a noodle
Beküldő: kristi and carlos 2006. augusztus 17.
Verb. To thing about extensively, or wrap your head around. Coined by an investment banker from Sarnia.
Analyst: What about a merger between Fortis and Emera?

Banker: Hmmm...interesting. Let me noodle that and get back to you. Good work and here's your $80k bonus cheque.
Beküldő: Dave Barnes 2005. november 1.
a skier who skis without poles.
ski bro: bro. check out that noodle. what a turd.

broski: yeah i know man. that kid sucks.
Beküldő: skibro 2011. január 6.
the head, especially in the context of thinking
Something was off in her noodle.
Beküldő: The Return of Light Joker 2010. május 17.
Verb. To think.
"Let me noodle on that for a minute."
Beküldő: smoothjunk 2010. április 20.
To take a nap after a long night usually to sleep off a hangover
"yo dude im so hungover i got rip a noodle real quick"
"man i wish i was noodling rather than plowing this cow"
Beküldő: Ice-man112 2009. november 20.

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