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an 11 year old tool box, with a mop head thats rides bikes. mtown killa
your a fucking tool noodle
Beküldő: MANZO 2008. január 24.
0 11
drink containing ethanol; used in the place of alcohal around large audiences or authoritative figures.
Guy 1: Dude! We gon get some noodles up in here tonite!
Guy 2: No way, really man?!
Guy 1: Hell yea we gon get it crunk!
Parent: Noodles??? WTF?
Beküldő: hey hey its lauren 2006. június 6.
7 18
The guy who posted above this post.
Get off my roof, Noodle!
Beküldő: Bastardized Bottomburp 2003. március 18.
9 20
Chinese' primary source and choice of food.
There are too many noodles!
Beküldő: Not Jon Vitus 2003. február 3.
7 18
another word for nigga, bro, dude, pal and friend
1)yoooo wudddupppp mah noodle?!!?!
2) yo pamela anderson is a nooooodle

Beküldő: affizzle 2006. december 24.
1 14
its longer than a nodle, but shorter than a noddle
im gonna have sum noodle for dinner
Beküldő: noodle 2003. szeptember 8.
5 18
a long stringy thing that slides out of your bum when you are happy
" a noodle came out of my bum today"
Beküldő: The cool noodle 2003. február 23.
12 25