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A new hip and cool word to replace the slang term "true story."

Shortened slang is "N to da F."
Person 1, "Man, that guy over there is so stupid!"

Person 2, "Non-Fiction!"
Beküldő: Susarah2 2011. január 11.
A more literary truefax..
Person a: Dude. That France? They make good biscuits.
Person b: Nonfictions.
Beküldő: Kiddae 2008. szeptember 30.
(adj.) something true; when someone is telling a story that is factual one says NONFICTION.
synonyms: true story
Person A: "Darian your hair be so fly!"
Person B: "Nonfiction."
Beküldő: J. Tiong 2009. december 2.