Nom, Noming, To mon- To naw -verb, noun, adj
Noming is the act of eating something or someone. It is a form of chewing.
I'm about to nom away on this piece of chicken
Beküldő: yournamehere24 2010. május 30.
To eat violently.
girl: gosh, that guy is eating that cake so violently
Beküldő: YauMannn 2009. június 24.
The word nom can be used in many different ways ,

It can be used to describe food for example marshmallows are nom. It can be used to describe someone who is so cute you want to eat them , for example Jamiekins is nom . Nom is also the sound some people make when eating .
You're so nom!

Mmmmm nom! marshmallows -drools- omnomnom!!
Beküldő: psychocandypsycho 2011. november 19.
A specifically British term for "food", originally coined by Lord Tristen Bloomfield in 1635.
I shall go forth to the Vons to purchase noms and sundry items.
Beküldő: British Scholar 2011. november 2.
A term usually used to describe the noise the cookie monster makes when it eats something. Often used on IM.
Leigh: amgad! nom nom nom, i just ate your nose!

Megan: lolololol
Beküldő: Megan Geee 2010. május 5.
To ruin or slow down the editing process. Mostly refers to CoD editing. Usually performed by saying the word "Nom" repeatedly.
Ex: My Vegas crashed because you kept Nomming me!
Ex: Don't Nom my edit!
Beküldő: Teao 2014. március 3.
To pig out, eat like an animal
I like to nom on snacks when I return home.
Beküldő: Bruce J 2014. február 23.

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