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When a man's balls hang out from the bottom of his shorts
His damn shorts were SO short, I could see his niblets!!
Beküldő: TheRealDezi 2009. június 29.
A small piece of food, as in a single piece of corn. Also, most commonly known as a single piece of corn.
While eating corn on the cob, one of the kernels fell and I was told that I had a corn niblet on my shirt.
Beküldő: kagomeshuko 2008. április 6.
gender-neutral term for niece/nephew
lol omg ok so look at this picture of my niblet arent they too cute???? ITS SO UNFAIR UNGH
Beküldő: gender avenger 2014. január 20.
Anyone who is younger than you.
Hey Niblet, get over here. Give me some money.
Beküldő: T4BU 2010. szeptember 25.
variation of noob, usually in an online game.
'Enemy' you took aggro from the tank! now you died, i knew you were a niblet!
Beküldő: ragingtide 2013. június 29.
a small furry creature, much like what you would get if u crossed lint with otters. they come from the evil dimension ruled by the evilest of beings gamblon.
I am Gamblon! lord of the niblets
Beküldő: markantony 2009. május 12.
A small object used in everyday life.
Yo, look at that cute little niblet in your hair.
Beküldő: Cansz0r 2009. április 28.
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