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Having sex with the same gender, because they look like your friend.
Boy that could have gotten real Nessy back there.
Beküldő: Doomos 2005. október 8.
Short for "The Loch Ness Monster" a mythic creature that has been known for its extordinary life span inside of Loch Ness Scotland and is world widely known. There has been many-a set ups from people who want lots of cash for taking picutes of her.
"Duuuuuuude, I took a picture of Nessy today!"
"You liar, let me see it!"
Beküldő: Kuabin 2006. május 1.
Is having a large long turd that the end sticks up out of the water resembling the Loch Ness Monster.
I just took a nice Nessy.
Beküldő: sfrydaddy7 2010. január 30.
The single most gorgeous girl in the entire world
I thought I was in heaven, but I was really just looking at Nessy
Beküldő: Vitaly 2003. június 16.
a man or boy who is the sex. every girl whos ever met him falls inlove with him in a snap. hes very seductive and sexy and is also a good friend and a loving family member.
damn hes a real nessy.
Beküldő: sashabearisdasexx 2008. november 5.
She's abserlutely gorgeous, wouldn't change her for the world!!you really need to see someone as hot as her!!
god your so fucking gorgeous!
Beküldő: Nessy's Admirer 2004. április 14.