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To be very annoyed about something
I'm really narked about that.
#annoyed #frustrated #pissed off #miffed #cheesed off
Beküldő: Becky160575 2009. február 15.
Also known as Nitrogen Narcosis is a condition in which divers face when underwater. It generally feels very euphoric but is extremely dangerous. Being narked makes you feel invinsible, which can lead to doing potentially deadly things.
Dude, I was so narked on that wreck dive, I was almost laughing when danny lost his regulator
#nitrogen narcosis #nitrogen #narcosis #bends #dcs
Beküldő: Brett Baker 2005. december 26.
A word used in New Zealand to describe the action of reporting something to the authorities.
Guy 1: Bro you narked on me!
Guy 2: aye get stuffed, somebody else narked!
#nark #narking #narker #snitch #grasser.
Beküldő: Controversial Rogue 2013. november 19.
Narked: 1)past tence of Nark 2)Word used for when a "Nark" tells about something you have done.
Jamie Narked on me!
Beküldő: ~Keyona 2004. január 9.
1) when diving to depth, upon rising to fast you may develop a condition called nitrogen narcosis, where nitrogen has expanded faster then it can be removed from the blood, in mild form this causes a feeling that divers describe as being "narked"
2) to grass someone up
3)past tense of narking
1) The wrecks only 60m I could do that on air! but Id be so narked byt he end of it I probably wouldnt remember much.
2) Shit tht mofo narked on me.
3) I was narked for smokin tht blunt.
#dive #grass #told #narcosis #lung-overexpansion
Beküldő: nachodude 2005. november 20.
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