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A taddle-tail.
Rich is a nark.
Beküldő: AHS Baseball 2003. március 2.
Verb: to get someone high or to feel high
"Fuck! I am all narked from this codeine!"
Beküldő: Dane Miller 2008. november 9.
a muthafukin cop who pretends to b down, until s/he busts ur ass 4 doin sumthin illegal
u a nark bitch
Beküldő: muthafuka 2003. április 11.
someone who tells or rats u out
That Bitch narked on me 2 the cops
Beküldő: Vanessa (Fla) 2003. január 2.
1. Someone who tells on you to a higher authority
2. A tattle tale
3. A bitch
4. No one likes them, they suck at tennis.
5. A snitch(not the Harry Potter kind)
1. Jeanette is such a nark, she told my mom I smoked crack!
Beküldő: sidekick pimp 2008. március 16.
ok. a nark can eather be someone who tells the cops that you got drugs or a nark can be some looser.

you see that simpsons episode where homer tries to be a hippi? he called marge a Nark?

and, in the movie Goodfellas the guy gets busted for having all that spank buy a bunch of narks.
Beküldő: Karl 2003. március 6.
A narcontics officer. Usally working under cover to bust drug users and dealers.
Yo' i think that dude is a nark man, he was all talking into this radio and stuff.
Beküldő: Sean(creeps) 2005. december 4.