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North Side Oakland; almost in (Berkley)
"NSO like its nothing"
Beküldő: A'Spades 2004. október 28.
Non-Sexual Orgasm. This is a physical, nearly sexual experience, usually happening to females. They pertain to imagination, thoughts, and sometimes Jax on Sons of Anarchy or a really good chocolate bar.
My girlfriend and I were watching Sons of Anarchy last night while eating Klondike bars. Every time Jax came on the screen she would have an NSO. Hell, once when they showed him in the shower, she took a bite of her Klondike and had two NSOs.
#orgasm #climax #chocolate #sons of anarchy #jax
Beküldő: SSgtSquishy_USMC 2010. szeptember 7.
A Youtube anti-troll group, which has done battle with notorious troll groups such as 6699. Led by MorganAnsons, including BearNSO, aka bundangbear and Jalel, with numerous addresses, as well as HieronymusBash, and a variety of others, as well as a network of at least 1,000 underground supporters and informants, who were tired of trolls. Members were victims of false DCMA reports being filed on them and having their channels taken down; a number of these reports were contested and won in NSO favor, and the channels have been reinstated by Youtube.
The NSO will not be bullied by this loser on steroids.
#a youtube anti-troll group #which has done battle with notorious troll groups such as 6699. led by morganansons #including bearnso #aka bundangbear and jalel #with numerous addresses #as well as hieronymusbash
Beküldő: Youtube slang 2009. augusztus 4.
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