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the state of or being GOD.
Hey, let's go worship Mt. Dew. Yes, Mt. Dew loves us as no other.
Beküldő: Zombi 2003. december 29.
Simply put.... breast sweat
Stacy: OMG! Its soo hot out here!

Julie: I know. All these guys keep staring at my chest. If they only knew how much Mt. Dew I was making, they wouldn't be so intrested.
Beküldő: IcemanPDT 2011. október 6.
Mt. Dew keeps me alive
Beküldő: Carly 2003. augusztus 1.
a bladder stimulant .. that is mighty tasty
why is it that you can only get baha blast mt dew at taco bell .. why srsly tell me why ??

Beküldő: sarahbear2 2008. június 12.