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Slang for the female genetalia, Pussy!
Hey dog, that bitch has a fat ass monkey!!
Beküldő: Chris 2005. január 21.
The most awesome animal in the world. Can be tamed to play instruments, act in movies, etc. He who has a monkey 0wns.
I bought a monkey yesterday, and now I am extremely cool.
Beküldő: KaiserMonkey 2003. augusztus 26.
A racial slur directed towards a person of African-American ethnicity.
Hey look at that nigger, you stupid monkey!
Beküldő: Jon 2003. október 19.
A slang term for female genitalia
Twerk that monkey lemme see you get low
Beküldő: Nick-a-J 2006. február 4.
cockney(London slang for 500 Quid
a furry animal with destructive tendencies
Hes got a monkey in his wallet!

Look at the cute fuzzy monkey
Beküldő: Psymonos 2003. március 24.
(n.) Slang term for vagina.
"I got all up in her monkey last night."
Beküldő: Dave800 2006. július 17.
One of the three primary ingredients of a good game.
Nothing in life can not be improved with either monkeys, pirates or ninjas
Beküldő: Bumbleflid 2003. június 17.