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-Word used by odessa residents to refer to Permian high school football
"Mojo football is life"
Beküldő: Spencer Sword 2004. október 14.
mojo is something more then a swagg
this girl is my swagg but this gurl is my mojo
Beküldő: jelly bean 09 2009. augusztus 3.
A word commonly used by teens. Usuall torwards a soccer playing beaner who wear a ton of gel to style their hair in a mohawk which i like to refer to as Mojohawk.
Dude did you just see that guy playin soccer? he's such a mojo!

woah! dude whats up with all that gel? you can tell he's a mojo with his mojohawk.
Beküldő: LaPancha_25 2009. július 29.
A boy who thinks hes so swag. a white boy rapper who is forever high, weighs about 90 pounds. attracts big fabulous men who like to bend at the hips (also known as doing a keegan) right in front of him. Is also a homophobe with the prettiest blue eyes.
That must be a Mojo because that man did a Keegan right in front of him!
Beküldő: swaggerthanthem 2011. október 28.
Orders = MOJO
He's Mojo!!!
Beküldő: Druskiize 2010. augusztus 15.
1. The secret to Paul McCartney's long and successful career.

2. The center of Austin Powers' masculinity.
1. "Paul's mojo is so big, he can take down bitches half his age."
2. "Austin Powers' shagging abilities are like no other thanks to his mind-blowing mojo."
Beküldő: whootylalalalalala 2010. július 27.
Measuring the level of excitement on a human being from visual stimuli
viewing jessica alba increase mojo by 189.49%
Beküldő: insanejane 2006. február 25.