The equal of listening to justin bieber and survivng.
I just survived "BABY". THIS IS A MIRACLE
Beküldő: spiderpussy 2015. április 12.
How a woman describes an unwanted pregnanacy
This baby is a miracle!
Beküldő: JPM02 2015. április 1.
Something you will never, ever forget. Even if life tries to wipe off the memory, it will stay attached.
The day you find your love. The day you have children. They day you were born, and the day you die. The days that hold special memories. Those are miracles.
Beküldő: A Person of No Sophistication 2010. december 5.
An act of God, the creator and ruler of the universe.
It was a miracle that I was able to calculate the curve of the road when my boss gave me the formula without allowing me the opportunity to write it down.
Beküldő: acorn1 2009. szeptember 18.
To defecate. To shit.
Sorry I stunk up your bathroom. I just had a huge miracle.
Beküldő: jairoski 2006. szeptember 26.

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