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Mannish, anti-whitey, Racist, America Hating wife of Barack Obama. She is actually a dude in drag. Constantly wears an expression like she is smelling shit.
Michelle Obama has a dick bigger than Barack's.
#michelle #obama #is #a #dude #in #drag
Beküldő: Glisspie 2009. március 17.
Mannish wife of Barack Obama. Widely regarded as being more masculine and certainly more gangsta than Barack. Was rejected by the WNBA for ambiguous gender reasons. Some have argued that Barack is actually gay and believed that he was marrying a man when he married Michelle.
"I am Michelle Obama and I wear the pants in the family. Bring me another beer Barack."
#masculine #male #man #wnba wannabe #dna test needed.
Beküldő: ITeachYou 2008. szeptember 25.
Barack Hussein Obama's ugly, big armed, America hating, racist, Angela Davis wannabe, coated tongued, bitch ass wife.
Michelle Obama said, "America is a downright mean country."

She should get the fuck out of here then.
#skank #tyronasauraus #unpatriotic #racist #bitch
Beküldő: Maximus Rex 2008. augusztus 19.
behemoth, largest first lady ever.. tribal looking amazonian, best selling halloween costume ever... starred in movie, deuce bigelow as " thats a huge b*tch"
"that was the michelle obama of elephants" guiness world record holder of biggest woman
#behemoth #amazon #carnival sideshow attraction #tribal elder #witch doctor
Beküldő: harry hand 2010. május 29.
Cunt who took away our soda machines, snacks, and tasty lunches from school and replaced them with cheap nutritious "wholesome" DIGUSTING food. Ironic because now we teens will be bringing our own even unhealthier lunches, AND the public schools will lose funding from lack of students' will to buy their crappy shit-lunches.
Dude Michelle Obama's a cunt for taking away our food, man.
IKR DOOD she might as well hire ppl to come to our homes and force feed us health shit
#michelle #obama #cunt #bitch #health #food #school
Beküldő: ThatCallofDutyGuy 2011. január 14.
Obnoxious, totalitarian, masochistic wife of our current president. Has an inhuman hatred towards good food. Would be happy if the entirety of America subsisted entirely off of celery sticks and quiche.
If you take a mousetrap and replace the cheese with a stick of celery, it can now be used as a Michelle Obama trap.
#obama #michelle #healthy #scary #michele
Beküldő: Urboman 2014. február 12.

An ideal female partner, girlfriend or wife;

A perfect woman, ideal for marriage and domestic partnership;

A beautiful, highly-intelligent, cultured, sexy, nurturing woman who takes care of all her male partner's needs, physically, emotionally, sexually, etc., thus freeing him from banal male concerns and allowing him to achieve his full human potential.


To take care of all your male partner's needs, physically, emotionally, sexually, etc., thus freeing him from banal male concerns and allowing him to achieve his full human potential.
"Can you believe that of all the guys in our class, Phil Meyer turned out to be the most successful? He was such a douche in high school!"
"He totally lucked out. He found a great Michelle Obama, married her, and now his life is set!"

"Why was Bill Clinton such a screw-up? As president he never seemed to live up to potential?"
"Well, Hillary didn't Michelle Obama him like she should have. I heard she only tossed his salad once in 8 years in the White House!"
#bette #maria #danielle #barack #angel
Beküldő: Billy Beck O'Hannity 2010. április 1.
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