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Michael Clifford is a sex god who plays guitar in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. He is amazing and may or may not like pizza quite a lot. He can be cute and awkward but then switches and is a sexy hot piece of sex. Nobody ever knows what colour his hair is... Has a bromance with Harry Styles and is an all round incredible person.
"Hey, do you know Michael Clifford?"

"Yeah he's that guitar player from 5 Seconds of Summer!"
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Beküldő: 5SOSADICT 2013. június 19.
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The actual and legitimate reason most American girls masturbate.
um ok like michael clifford is like damn bby like look at him with pink hair like *-* woah
#sex #actual sex #sex with legs #walking sex #literal sex
Beküldő: Taylah :) 2014. július 12.
second-guitar and vocal in the band 5 Seconds of Summer (more lovingly known as 5SOS). Michael changes his hair color often, leaving every girl's heart to be blown apart and become another piece of shrapnel. see "love of my life" for more.
"Oh my god, Michael Clifford did the thing." "Oh, fuck. I just died inside. Let me go rock back and forth on my bed for three hours." "Okay, have fun with that."
#5sos #heartache #reason to cry #ashton #calum #luke
Beküldő: jasper carmichael 2014. február 17.
He is a sex god that plays guitar and sings in a band called 5 seconds of summer with another 3 sex gods. His hair is just amazing and colorful and his smile is just cute and perfect. He believes that he is a punk rock guy but he is not, that's what makes him cuter than he is
-Hey do you like michael clifford?
-The 5sos guitarrist? i love him!
#michael clifford #5sos #5 seconds of summer #colorful #bae
Beküldő: cliffxrdsbabe 2014. szeptember 24.
The most amazing guitarist who does what he wants, and justifies it with the phrase "I do what I want, I'm punk rock." He looks and acts all tough and hardcore punk-rock, but he's about as sweet and adorable as a kitten. That's what he's called sometimes, actually. The kitten.
Michael Clifford? Oh my God, he's so bae.
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Beküldő: Clifford Michael 2015. június 17.
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