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Nickname for basketball player Carmelo Anthony

Melo currently plays for the Denver Nuggets, with Allen Iverson, another of the better players on that team.
A.I. and Melo are great players... but they aren't great people!
Beküldő: Suns Lover 13 2008. június 18.
A sexy Denver Nuggets basketball player.# 15.
More talented than Michael Jordan.
Go get his new shoes.
Carmelo is the player ever.Melo baby.
Beküldő: Ramonna Trimmer 2005. december 20.
Common, yet not widely known term for a portuguese homosexual.
Founded originally in a small portuguese town, south of the capital.
"Hey, did you see Melo?"
"Yeah, those leather pants make me want to punch him in the face."
Beküldő: Eric "Beatbox King" Lulloff 2005. január 14.