A kind of word that sort of means a 'comical sigh'.
Meh. I'm so flippin bored.
#meh #bored #bordom #comical #sigh
Beküldő: Rawwwwwww 2009. március 11.
1. Indifference, total not caring

2. saying "me" in a cute way
1. "Whacha want?"

2. "Do you wuv meh? :3"
#meh #me #eh #mehh #bleh
Beküldő: oOTeh tooth fairyOo 2008. március 9.
The single most versatile, useful word on the planet Earth. One day, all of language will be based on varied inflections and combinations of this word. But for now, it usually indicates (a) indifference, or (b) is used as a synonym for "big deal".
(a) -"Look at that thirty-car pileup over there!"

(b) -"Dude, I got an F on my final!!!"
Beküldő: bandgeek 2004. február 26.
A word to describe someone you have awesome conversations with. A person that you can always have coffee and cigarettes with & laugh about stupid things.
While Eric and Mary sat at walmart drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes they realized that they were Mehs.
#bestfriend #bff #friend #besties #tbf
Beküldő: meabeeeitch23 2011. március 22.
A word used to completely end a conversation, often used by people who have no lives at all. This word has a long history of ruining people's days. Watch out for the tools or ninjas that use this word.
Charlotte just said "meh" to me and walked away. Disgusting...
#dong #poop #ninja #beautiful #new zealand
Beküldő: Chazzmeister3000 2011. március 13.
The sound a goat makes.
little girl: "oh, look at the cute goat!!"
goat: "meh"
#ug #bleat #mehhh #blech #ugg
Beküldő: bellaluna23 2010. január 24.
1) yes i know you care about me but i don't f***** want to tell you how good/bad my day was

2) it's none of ur buisness what music i like

3) i did just kill your hamster but im not going to admitt it.

4) im crap at everuthing! (even speeling)
how was ur day? meh
whawt music do u like? meh
wheres my hamster? meh
#me #lol #poo #lmao #jj
Beküldő: sugnaangus 2009. június 7.
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