This is a rather random word use to say i dont no in the average squirrel like convosation.
Trevor: Hey Jeremy wats for dinner?
Jeremy: Meh. I'll be fucked if i had a clue
Beküldő: Troy Wicks 2006. augusztus 27.
Making Everything Homosexual
Randy: how are you?

complete Douche: im felling meh

Randy: your such a faggot

Beküldő: king of sexual intercourse and other things 2008. január 1.
A misspelling of the word "me", or on purpose. Also, an expletive uttered by drunken men.
"Hey don't you think you've had enough?"
Beküldő: BGHSurge 2003. február 9.
Purely Stupid, no true meaning
The word "Meh" is Meh!
Beküldő: Prince Charming 2005. december 6.
handsome, or possesing handsome characteristics.
today i saw this kid, i think his style was pretty awesome, he was pretty meh
Beküldő: Jesus 2005. március 17.
meh..... heheheeh @ rhi.. she's a sexay beast
meh?.............. oh meh.. meh.. .meh?.. yeah meh.. okay... meh.. meh...
Beküldő: Xhable 2004. január 8.
A person who deficates at the end of girls beds while being confused about his sexuality
<SPAFFmeh> the bird is the one I shat off the end of the bed of
Beküldő: Noodle 2005. február 7.

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