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An awesome unicorn ninja that may or may not be evil. A megan is too complex for the human mind to understand so a megan does not usually talk a lot. Megans are inhumanly obsessed with fluffy hair, afros, potatoes, poking bellybuttons, squishing noses, and biting fingers.
"That girl scares me." "Yeah, she's a Megan. Some people say she's the most invincible unicorn there is, a ninja unicorn disguised as a human." "Yikes." ••• "Hey, how are you friends with that Megan ninja girl?" "Ninjas are awesome. Plus, she's a unicorn too. She is the best friend I could ever have, I'm so lucky to be her friend."
Beküldő: Luckytohaveafriendnamedmegan 2013. június 25.
Megan is another word for perfect. The root of the word comes from ancient fairy world, where perfect beings were called MEGAN not many of them survived throught time but some are still among us.
People wish that every fiber of their being was Megan.
Beküldő: theonewiththeeyes 2010. július 10.
The most funny, amazing, beautiful person you will ever meet. You aren't likely to meet another thing ever quite like her. A megan has everything: stunningly good-looking, you are likely to have never seen anyone as gorgeous as her, truly funny- you are able to share a good banTa joke with her!! Also has an amazing taste in music. You can be completely open with her about anything, she is definitely a 1 in a billion person!!!! You will not look back on meeting her and will want to chat with her every minute of every day because she is so unique and brilliant and sexy and gorgeous and amazing. Please, find your megan today, although that will be quite hard as there is no-one quite like the megan that i have just found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A:Megan is sxc
B:I know right!!
Beküldő: WHO DO U THINK 2013. március 29.
Megans are very outgoing. They love to hang out with friends & have a good time. Sometimes a little bossy. Loves to laugh & talk. Such a goofy girl. People call her retared, but its just her having a fun time. She a beautiful girl, with prefect eyes & hair. She a awsome girl, and your missing a crazy & fun time if you dont hang out with her!!

Shes a wonderful girlfriend, and shes unforgetable(:
Megan is such an awsom person to hang out with !!!!!!!
Beküldő: Meqann(: 2010. február 10.
A beautiful girl...usually popular or a people person. Loves to party and have a good time. Usually has a friend who is a redneck or country. Also maybe a tiny girl with big boobs.
Patrick: Hey Beau we should invite Megan to the party
Beau: the tiny girl with big boobs?
Patrick: Yeah she is so fucking beautiful
Beküldő: Rednecklover2012 2010. február 10.
Megan is the kindest girl you will ever meet. She will always be around when you need her. Once you get close to Megan, you will be friends for life! She is so warm hearted and will do anything for her friends. Megan is beautiful- inside and out...
Friend: I need your help with something...
Megan: You name it! I will do anything to help!

Great looks and a great personality- I love Megan!
Beküldő: KaitlynNemo 2014. január 28.
A girl with a Tosh kind of humor, takes its place as blatant and random making it impossible to not enjoy her company. Loves animals, sharks for the most part. Also enjoys the color orange, Disney movies, Chelsea Lately, using the word "wretched", the no superpower superhero Batman, Nicklebacky music varied with rap and bob Marley kind of s#$&, and her car. This Megan is typically known as beautiful, smart, up beat, adventurous, sexy, hott (with two Ts), moving, hard to say no to, truly amazing would be an understatement, forgiving when deserving, strong bonds with others (little siblings for the most part), and works for what she has. Dark brown curly hair, blue eyes, slim, 5'9ish, small feet, and bright smiles lighting up gloomy areas to the extent of never getting old. Perfection wrapped in one name.
"My girl is a Megan!"
Beküldő: Scuba Steve23 2013. május 12.
A Megan is the most beautiful girl that you will ever meet. From her blue eyes to her blonde hair. She has the greatest personality. But she can break your heart... Just be sure to treat her right. She is extremely popular and has a ton of friends. She can get high on mountain dew :) You will do anything to try and get her back. I miss you...
Megan the girl that used to love me...
Beküldő: MEG99 2012. november 16.