1. The "new" dollar menu burger; it is essentially a double cheeseburger with only one slice of cheese instead of two.

2. When one goes out on a double date to McDonald's.
1. Bob: "Yeah, I'd like a double cheeseburger."

Voice: "It's a $1.19 now. But you can get a McDouble for a buck."

Bob: ...and the difference is?

2. Amanda & Jim: "Hey, wanna go on a McDouble this Friday?"

Sally & Nelson: "Sure!"

#double cheeseburger #orgy #mcdouble #double date #dollar menu
Beküldő: Amandony Grutler 2008. december 2.
A double cheese burger with only one piece of cheese. A Mcdouble is specifically designed for the fast fooders to pussy to handle two pieces of cheese on a double cheese burger.
this guy is to pussy to handle a double cheese burger with two pieces of cheese so he has to order a Mcdouble.
#burger #cheese #mcdouble #double cheeseburger #cheese burger
Beküldő: weshater4567 2011. március 27.
When two men get a handjob from a girl wearing a McDonald's bag on her head.
Dude! I totally got a McDouble in the woods last night with Frank!
#hand job #booty call #mctwister #blumpkin #upper decker
Beküldő: Christopher Slawinski 2010. november 30.
when you cant get ahold of a peach op or grape swish, so you roll 3 normal size juicy jays into a 2 gram J. a Mcdouble.
mat fire forgot to get me a peach op so we had to roll a Mcdouble and were l.i.t.
#weed #420 #juicy jay #bud #dank #fun #swisher #optimo #smoke
Beküldő: k-dawg420mv 2010. március 19.
A McChicken and a Double cheeseburger put into one
ay i jus got back from McDonalds and i had a McDouble!
#mcchicken #doublecheeseburger #food #supersandwich #burger
Beküldő: T-Scales 2005. október 20.
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