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Some dude who lost the 2008 Presidential Election.
Dude, McCain got crushed by Obama.
Beküldő: Cindy McCain 2008. augusztus 15.
literally in Gaellic would mean "Son Of Cain"
Iam KatChamber McCain
Beküldő: KatChamber 2007. augusztus 5.
An adjective that describes someone or something as egocentric, vainglorious, full of bad judgments, hypocritical, whiney and grumpy. "McCain" combines stubborn with ill-temper. Variants: McCainiacal, McCainiac
My neighbor chewed me out in a rather McCainiacal fashion for letting my grass get too high.
Beküldő: Shiningcity 2008. május 1.
a maverick
a war hero
John McCain will win this election
Beküldő: thing.395049 2008. október 22.
N. A place that fearful people stumble towards in the false hope that they will be safe.
I'd like to help but I'm done gone to McCain.
Beküldő: ScarletPimpernel 2008. május 3.
I thought I was actually going to work for money, but my country was cokedusted and now we only live for a hit of McCain.
Beküldő: Michael Balzary 2009. január 26.
Since Mccain is 72, the word "Mccain" Is implying that something is old.
"Yo man! That book is so Mccain"
Beküldő: AWEIL 2008. október 27.

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