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Another word for the milatary term for boot
1. Used to describe someone who is right out of boot camp and or their MOS school; 2. one who is unexperienced; 3. usually the target of hazing; 4. One who is still stuck in boot camp mode.
"We just got a fresh shipment of boots in our victor unit yesterday. Let's give them a warm infantry welcome!"
Jake: My brother is so matt at COD.
Sam: Matt is so Matt
Beküldő: chinese poo 2009. április 7.
(noun) A dickface asshole who hates everyone, and everything. He should really go fall off a cliff, and no one would care. An extremely pissy guy who really needs to deal with his own shit instead of putting it on others. Enjoys cussing people out and basically being a creep by staring people down. Is annoyed easily.
You should really avoid that guy, he's such a Matt.
Beküldő:'s a secret x] 2010. április 18.
total asshole
Boy: wanna fuck?;]
Girl: go to hell, matt
Beküldő: omfgfmlhi 2009. március 19.
reidiculousy needy,annoying,ugly,possibly stinky. Just all around not the kind of guy you would wanna be with.
oh my god this is the fifth time he called me in 20 minutes. hes such a matt
Beküldő: ugh come on 2009. május 7.
recieving a blowjob from one of the guys' moms
hey dude go get a matt
Beküldő: brayden yo 2007. december 11.
matt means only ever lying when his lips move!
Beküldő: malloney 2008. augusztus 31.
An expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.
Rumor has it that Thea can Matt Hodin the alphabet.
Beküldő: Jason, Master Of Disguise 2008. december 12.