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A large woman with hair that resembles a muffin. Any song can be sung using only the word "Marna".
Beküldő: drumma 2003. március 27.
A crude word to describe a mans penis.
She was playing with his marna.
Beküldő: Daniel_AU_1982 2005. június 1.
1.) Teaches band for Byram Hills High School.
2.) Freak of Nature.
3.) Extremely perky.
Pearl of Wisdom, Saxamaphone, Why am I shouting?, Watch the Weiss, Aunt Tilly. I can't think of any more.
Beküldő: marna is large 2003. március 28.
SHE IS A BAND TEACHER!!! Also, she has a muffin head, no seriously it is a muffin. She has red puffy cheaks. she is a disturbance.
NYSSMA, Im dropping a Pearl
Beküldő: Hegh 2003. március 30.
the hairs on my arm stand up when I hear music.
Beküldő: marna is large 2003. április 7.
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