big heart, will do anything if you need it except something that will get her arrested. Loud, always thinks she is right and most of the time she is. loves her family and treasures her best friends
margaret chase
#margaret #marget #margret #margarite #margarret
Beküldő: kipswife 2010. február 4.
Top Definition
Margaret is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Margaret is radiant and smiles from the inside out. She lights up a room when she walks in. A girl of good character. She has the heart of an angel, shows compassion and encourages everyone around her. She is sincere, sensitive and kind. A sensual, graceful dancer. Margaret can be a bit clumsy which she demonstrates when she often falls off of her high shoes so be ready to catch her. Has a flare for fashion. Is usually a homecoming queen. Has a passion for life! Intelligent and discerning. A person you can trust with your heart. Guys gravitate towards her. She is old fashioned and will not chase guys but lucky is the guy who pursues her and wins her heart. Loyalty is one of her many attributes. margaret has a huge capacity for love. Be kind and you will win her heart forever. BUT be warned IF you are a cheater, a player, mean, hurtful, dishonest, rude or inattentive you will distroy her love for you. If you are ever lucky enough to have a margaret in your life then you have found a rare treasure. Cherish each and every moment with her like it is your last.
woah! thats Margaret.
yeah! she's my best friend:)
#marg #margarett #amazing #rad #sweet
Beküldő: bffl124578965455 2010. március 5.
A girl who craves attention. Is also one of the most giving people you will ever meet, but do not cross her since she can be the spawn of Satan. Is apparently good in bed, does not have the best luck in finding worthy partners.
Britt: I am sorry that you were in a Margaret situation with your boyfriend Carla.

Jake: Be nice to her she can be such a Margaret sometimes.
#spawn of satan #giving #bed #nice #die
Beküldő: NooneLight 2008. augusztus 7.
A sweet, kind, loving girl. She tries her best at anything. She would give up so much to make you happy. As a warm-hearted person, she is caring and will be there for you. When she loves you, she will show it in every way possible to let you know. She laughs over her clumsiness. She's often insecure, but should know how amazing she truly is. Her heart is open; she's the most beautiful girl in the world.
Omg! Margaret's here! I love her! Today's gonna be FUN!
#beautiful #kind #honest #caring #warm #clumsy
Beküldő: Female Dog 2013. október 21.
A attention seeking girl, loves drama, has a kind heart, loves sex, outgoing, can be very nice or a total bitch (depending on what side of hers your on) someone you don't mess with, cares a lot about family and friends, can be slutty, boy crazy, but is a very caring and very funny girl
margaret is fucking amazing
#awesome #amazing #dramatic #slutty #boy crazy
Beküldő: daqueen123 2012. április 6.
A girl who enjoys talking to her friends, making jokes and parodies and eating muffins. She doesn't normally like many boys, but when she does, it's a major crush. She loves truth or dare. She is known for her sense of humor, her hair, and her tendency to annoy people she likes. Plus, she loves cats.
Wow thanks for the notes Margaret!
#muffin #crush #cat #truth or dare #hair
Beküldő: JumpyBurger9 2015. január 13.
Margaret is sexy! Margaret is the definition of sexy, she always looks good, and always makes sure her ass does too.
Margaret looked good today!
#cute #funny #attractive #sexy #booty
Beküldő: daddyyyy 2014. október 9.
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